"Your Business - Your Asset" Seminar 2018 Auckland

Experience. Insight. Value.

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We are excited to bring to you:
“Your Business, Your Asset — Seminar 2018”, Experience. Insight. Value.

The unique event on how to make your business:
the most valuable and sale-able it could ever be.


Featuring 12 experienced expert brains, of leading businesses, for you to hear and pick
— with invaluable insight and priceless advice.

All together for the first time, in one exceptional event opportunity.

Includes speaker presentations, discussion forums, morning and afternoon refreshments, a gourmet lunch and an ending gala.

Get insider tips, tricks and strategies that will add value to your business game and your life plan.

Gain authentic understanding from many different perspectives of various successful professionals,
that will present and answer the questions you’ve wanted to know:

What is your business worth? Who are the best buyers?
What are they looking for? When is the right time to sell?
Where does the bank fit in? How do staff buyouts work?
Why do some businesses sell small and some big?… And many more.

These experts will also be available during breaks for all of your further questions.

The takeaways will be priceless:
eal business, real talk and real action items for you to progress your game plan and get ahead and stay ahead.

So come and join us — and get yourself a piece of all of this.

We look forward to seeing you there!
The New Zealand Business Leaders Collective

“If you own a business, then you need to go to this seminar. It has helped us so much. The speakers were the experts – and they gave it to us in bite sized chunks we could take away and do.”
Mark, Business Owner Wellington

“I have been to lots and lots of seminars – but never to one like this. It was niche, focused, and full of practical advice I had never heard before. Attending this seminar was one of those life changing events for me. Others I spoke to also agreed that the seminar was very worthwhile.”

Richard, Business Owner Wellington
“The stuff I learned at the seminar has changed my whole way of thinking. Acquisitions – mergers. I used to think that was stuff for the big boys. Now I am doing it for myself. If you want to get serious about retiring wealthy then I strongly recommend going to this seminar.”
Mike, Business Owner Wellington

“The seminar was brilliant – worth every dollar. It has already improved the value of my business – it gave me so many practical ideas and action items. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Cameron, Business Owner Wellington