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Don’t Act Without The Right Information.

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Whether you want to:

  • grow your business or
  • prepare it for sale
  • maximise its value and your Return on Investment
  • or simply want to know the things you need to think about (…and do).

… you need to have the right information and the right steps in the right order, from the right people.
Now this is not for everyone. It’s strictly for those with a viable business or a business idea that you are seriously committed to growing.

“Your Business-Your Asset” is a unique seminar where you will hear from authorities in their industries who will share actionable tips and strategies you can implement.

It’s not a pitch fest aimed at selling you their services. Instead it’s aimed at assisting you to get all you can from your company before you sell it, so you get more when you sell it.

And yes, you may want to engage the speakers if you wish but that’s not our BHAG. (Big Hairy Goal)

We have all been where you are because we have all built businesses. And yes, we have an advantage in that we are established. That just means you should take advantage of the tips tricks, strategies and tactics you will learn.

This Seminar is designed so you walk away with actionable things you should do and a crystal, clear understanding of what is the best and most effective use of your time and resources to get the maximum ROI.

Places are strictly limited to 100 seats so you get the attention you want and need, in an atmosphere where you have space to think clearly.

The Your Business – Your Asset Seminar will be held at the Ellersie Event Centre on the 21st of June, 2018 from 8 am – 5pm.

You will be provided with morning and afternoon refreshments and a banquet lunch.