Why register for "Your Business - Your Asset" Seminar 2018 Auckland?

What is this event really worth for you?

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What is your business really worth?

Imagine if you found out you’d sold your business for much less than it’s worth?
But also imagine if you could instead, ahead of time, find your business’s total worth?

What if you could find out to maximise your return from selling your business?
What if you knew the best ways to sell and all of the choices you have?

What if you knew exactly what your business is worth? Before you call a business broker or put it on the market?
And what if you could tell who the best, most trustworthy buyers are? And weed out the dishonest?

Why should this matter to you?

You could get the security of having a saleable business.
You could get the strength of a business in knowing it’s total sale worth.

You could clarify the true value of the business and prove it when you decide to (or if you have to) sell.
You could get to market faster (in the event of unforeseen circumstances).

You could get much more money from the sale.
You could take advantage of out of the blue offers.

You have additional options and know what to do to get clarity around them.

Why might you think it doesn’t matter to you now?

You aren’t interested in making your business more valuable.
You think your business is already saleable enough.
You’ve already got it sorted.
Someone else is doing it.
It’s the wrong stage in the business life.
You don’t have your information sorted yet.
You can’t be bothered. You don’t have time.
You won’t do it now, but later — because it’s not urgent.

And what do we say to that?

Many settle for less only because they don’t know about far better options.
For almost certainly THE biggest single transaction of your life, why not find the best option?
You can sort it even better — and end up with even more.
If someone else is doing it, can you be sure they are committed to do the best job?
You can always be proactive to get ahead.
Information is always developing and it’s never going to be sorted until you start.
There is always enough for something worth taking priority and initiative.
The unwritten part of history holds countless accounts of people who were going to “do it tomorrow”.

 Most people spend more time working on the small factors
— or planning holidays, than sorting out the whole package
and the big picture of their business and life plan.

What are you going to invest and spend time for
… to ensure you have this all sorted?


The unique event on how to make your business:
the most valuable and sale-able it could ever be.